With daily care and routine visits to an experienced dentist, you can achieve and maintain a vibrant, healthy smile. The Boise, ID, dental office of Douglas Hymas, DDS provides the professional dentistry services needed for all smiling members of your family. With over 30 years of experience, Douglas Hymas, DDS can handle all of your general dentistry needs.

Local Boise, ID, dentist Douglas Hymas and his team have the training and technology necessary to perform a variety of dental and oral surgery services and procedures for children and adults. You can also trust Douglas Hymas, DDS with more complex dental work such as root canals, child and adult wisdom teeth removal. Schedule your appointment today for general dentistry services including cleanings, X-rays, exams and fillings.

Discover how simple and rewarding dental care in Boise, ID, can be at the dental office of Douglas Hymas, DDS. We encourage English and Spanish speaking patients to schedule their appointment for general dentistry and orthodontic services in Boise, ID, today.

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Taking care of your health can be expensive, especially if you can't find a dentist that accepts your insurance. Fortunately, Douglas Hymas, DDS accepts eight popular providers in the Boise, ID area. We'll make sure you receive your dental cleanings and more at an affordable rate.

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Whether you need dental cleanings or a routine procedure, you can turn to our family dentist. We're proud to work with the following insurance companies:

Blue Cross of Idaho
Delta Dental
United Health
Delta Advantage

Please bring your identification card with you that states your policy number and other necessary information.

Don't pay out-of-pocket fees when you visit the dentist. Instead, schedule an appointment with our family dentist today. Our office is conveniently located in Boise, ID.

Our Services Include:

Root Canals

Cavity Fillings


Oral Surgery